Monday, February 7, 2011

Aha Blog #2: Killing Us Softly 3

In my Visual Literacy class we recently watched the short film ‘Killing Us Softly 3’ by Jean Kilbourne. After watching this intense short film I found myself questioning the advertisements I see everyday but don’t pay much attention to. I realized just how much we are being bombarded with images- and how many of them I don’t seem to notice! I think now is a time when we’re having an overload of images thrown at us.
Part of the statement made in the film was that society doesn’t see these images as harmful because we’re not thinking about it. We’re not focusing on the message behind the ad, but looking for the next image to come our way.

I found an interesting article through the New York Times by Louise Story called
: 'Anywhere the Eye Can See, It’s Likely to See an Ad' explaining “sensory overload” and where that’s taking the marketing industry. The article discusses that now there are more ways in which products can be advertised (ie: the internet, to small children, cell phones and through product placement). It made me realize that while reducing the number of images I see everyday may not be in my control, I can
be more mindful of what I’m watching or reading and learn to decipher these messages.

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