Monday, April 4, 2011

Aha Blog #4: Technology Everywhere

A few weeks ago, a classmate posted a video: A Day Made of Glass, showing what the world would be like if everything were an interactive interface and we used these to shop, communicate and learn. Even though the technology is not here yet, the video exemplified what a typical day may be like using technology like this. Rather than excite me, it kind of made me nervous! I enjoy working with technology, but a world where a computerized system knew you so well seems a little intruding. I’m a fan of my privacy! It is probably a little premature and unnecessary, but it is a possibility.

Today while researching new technology, I came upon a video from Reuters showing a new giant touch screen and the technology behind it. The massive screen allows several people to work on the same screen at the same time while communicating with each other. This shows we are closer than I thought to becoming a digital world- though they mentioned that regular applications had to be redesigned to work on the screen. In smaller steps, I think I could get used to this technology. It is amazing what technology can offer us now!

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